I suppose you could say I had a successful book trip.

  1. victoriaed90 said: oh, blech, stay away from Ayn Rand.
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  3. h0wling-at-the-mo0n said: I spy with my little eye a Danielewski book! Such a great and interesting read! Personally loved Hailey’s version more than Sam’s.
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  5. amethystdawson said: bell jar is beyond fantastic. read Letters Home by her as well, they were right before her death.
  6. boy-food said: the bell jar ^.^
  7. celestial-stardustt said: the bell jar is a really great book! i hope you enjoy it
  8. allsmiles1234 said: The alchemist by paulo coelho
  9. overwhelmington said: oh fuck man atlas shrugged more like see you next eternity
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